Envirolay 42

  • Highly Recommended for heavy domestic and heavy commercial use such as living areas, bedrooms, stairs & landings and commercially it is widely sold for use in pubs,clubs, restaurants & hotels.
  • Guaranteed for the life of the carpet when used in the above recommended applications.
  • Passes Flammability (British Standard BS 4790)
  • Prolongs the life of carpets
  • Minimises carpet rucking
  • High Density Felt for super durability

Envirolay underlays are extremely durable and guaranteed for the life of the carpet. They feel luxurious underfoot and are suitable for both domestic and heavy contract installations. Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled fibres, Envirolay has an extremely low carbon footprint making it friendly to the environment, helping you to tackle climate change.

  • 100% recycled fibres and recyclable after use.
  • Comfort and support underfoot.
  • Lasts the lifetime of the carpet.
  • Sustains the carpets appearance.
  • Excellent sound and heat insulation.
  • Minimises pressure marks.
  • Guaranteed not to collapse.
  • Reduces carpet stretching.
  • Prevents creases.
  • Extra bounce.


Roll Dimensions
Length (M)
Width (M)

Area (Sq.M)

11 1.37  15.07
mm +- 10%
g/m2 +- 10%
BS 5808
BS 4790

1424 (42oz/y2)

Pass - Low Radius
Fibre Composition

70% Recycled Wool & Synthetic Fibres

30% Recycled Jute Fibres
Carbon Footprint per roll 345g of co2/kg of product BS 4745
Thermal Insulation
BS EN ISO 140-8:1998
Impact Sound Reduction
7395g 3.25 Tog 33 dB
BS EN 20354:1993/ ISO 354:1985 – TP14
Acoustic Performance, Practical Absorption Coefficient
250 500 1000 2000 4000
0.25 0.65 1 0.9 0.8
Comfort/Durability Recommendations
8/10 Bedrooms*, Living Hall*, Stairs & Landing Heavy Floor*, Wheel
traffic* & Castor Chairs*
*Highly Recommended
Installation Subfloors should be dry, clean and free of oil, grease & damp.
Fitting should meet the British Standard code of practice BS 5325 & be undertaken by experienced fitters.
PERFORMANCE Result Spec. Pass/Fail
Breaking Strength (N)
Elongation at 40N (%)
Length Width
224N 150N
2.7% 3.6%
40 min

a) Static Loading, Recovery Period 24h (%) Fibrous 33.6% 40 max Pass
b) Dynamic Loading after 1000 cycles (%)
27.5% 40 max Pass
a) Mean original thickness from the nominal thickness (%)
Fibrous & Combined
0.2% 15 max Pass
b) Difference between minimum and maximum original thickness (mm)
Fibrous & Combined
1.1mm 4mm max Pass
Compression after Dynamic Loading (1000 impacts) (mm) 3.3mm 2 to 7mm Pass
Work of Compression after Dynamic Loading (J/m2) 110.3 J/m2 50 to 200 Pass
Retention of original work of compression(%) 68% 40 min Pass
Resistance to breaking and cracking not greater than 50mm  Pass


Envirolay needlefelt underlays are simply a cut above the rest! We manufacture our needlefelt underlays under the strictest quality control guidelines as set out by British Standards and our industry association NUMA (The British Needlefelt Underlay Manufacturers Association). All our products are automatically weighed & inspected and regularly tested to make sure that they conform to the highest levels of British & European standards including Flammability, Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Performance & Impact Sound Reduction.

As a company we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and are the first U.K. carpet underlay manufacturer to have the carbon footprint of our needlefelt underlays measured. All our underlays are guaranteed for the life of the carpet fitted insitu when installed in accordance with industry standards and manufacturers guidelines.

In addition to being fitted in areas around Buckingham Palace, our high specification low carbon-footprint felt underlays are regularly walked on in hotels, public houses, casinos and public and residential premises throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and beyond!



-Birmingham Palace


-Southern Sun Hotels
-Intercontinental Hotels (Johannesburg)
-Sandton & Lost Palace Hotels (Sun City)


-Hilton Marina
-Jumeirah Beach Hotel
-Emaar Executive Offices
-Intercontinental Hotels 1 & 2
-East Hotel
-Crowne Plaza Hotel
-Four Point Sheraton
-Shangri-La Hotel
-Ramada Hotel
-Movenpick Hotel
-Sharjah Schools Complex
-Four Seasons Hotel


-Movenpick Hotel
-Crowne Plaza
-Ramada Hotel
-Sheraton Hotel
-Silhouette Tower
-Marriott Renaissance
-Intercontinental Hotel
-City Center


-Hilton Hotel
-Crowne Plaza
-Sheraton Hotel


-Crowne Plaza
-Sheraton Hotel
-Intercontinental Hotel
-Al Bastan Palace

Envirolay-42 Catalogue

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