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Art Classics 1 - Paradise

Elegance & Comfort in Modern Living

Art Classic 1 - Paradise Specifications

Construction: 1/10” Tufted Loop Pile Graphics
Yarn Composition: 100% BCF Solution Dyed Duralux®
Pile Weight: Ca. 880 g/m² (26 oz/yd²)
Total Weight: Ca. 1800 g/m² (53 oz/yd²)
Pile Height: Ca. 4 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
Total Height: Ca. 6 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
Stitch Rate: 40 per 10 cm
Secondary Backing: ActionBac®
Standard Roll Size: 3.66 m x 30 m
Pattern Repeat: 1” (W) x 1” (L)


10 Year Limited Carpet Wear Warranty
Ideal for Medium Contract Use.


*The subfloor should be dry, smooth, flat, dust-free and resistantto compression and load-bearing. Where seaming is necessary, a seam sealant must be used for all such installations. Due to dyelot variations, actual material may vary slightly from the samples. Chair pads are recommended to prevent premature wear of carpet.

Performance (as tested by ITTS Inc. USA)

Stain Resistance 10 (AATCC-175-1993)
Static Control Built-in Permanent

Tuft Bind

5.8 lbs. / 92.8 ozs. (ASTM-D-1335)

Dimensional Stability

Pass - Max. 0.25% change (AACHEN)



   Radiant Panel

0.17 W/cm² (ASTM-E-648)

   US Federal Flammability Std

Pass (DOC FF-1-70)

   Pill Test

Self-extinguishing (ASTM-D-2859)

   Smoke Density

Pass - Max. 450 (ASTM-E-662)



   to light

Excellent - 5 (AATCC-16E)

   to wet & dry crocking

Excellent - 5 (AATCC-165)

   to ozone 

Excellent - 5 (AATCC-129)



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