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An exquisite design experience of nature’s beauty within your reach. Featuring Puralex® a self-renewing odor reducer that freshens the indoors by breaking down organic molecules in the air into inert material. Using breakthrough proprietary technology, Puralex® significantly shortens the time it takes for odors to dissipate. This salt-compound product contains no harmful chemicals, has no fragrance, and continually renews itself through contact with air circulation.


Construction: 1/10’’ Tip Sheared Loop Pattern
Fibre: 100% Avalar® SD Nylon with Puralex®
Pile Weight:  ca. 1,085g/m2 (32 oz/yd2)
Total Weight:  ca. 2,332g/m2 (68.8 oz/yd2)
Average Pile Thickness: ca. 3.1mm (0.123 in)
Pile Height:  ca. 2.38mm (0.094 in) (min),
                    ca. 8.73mm (0.344 in) (max)
Total Maximum Thickness: ca. 9.5mm (0.375 in)
Stitch Rate: 51.2 per 10cm (13 S.P.I.)
Average Density: 8,195 (17.2 Kilotex/cm2)
Backing: Woven Synthetic
Pattern Repeat: 30.5 cm (W) x 39 cm (L) (12” x 15.4”)
Standard Roll Size: 3.66m x 45.72m

10-year Limited Carpet Wear Warranty
Lifetime Limited Stain Warranty
Lifetime Limited Static Warranty
Lifetime Limited Colorfastness Warranty

Ideal for Heavy Commercial and Hospitality Use

Manufactured in USA

Performance (as tested by ITTS Inc. USA)
Stain Resistance: 10 (AATCC-175-2003), Commercial Stain Protection
Soil Resistance: Commercial Anti-Soil Protection
Static Control: Less Than 3.5 K.V. Step
Tuft Bind: 8.6 lbs (ASTM-D-1335)
Dimensional Stability: Max 0.2% change (AACHEN)
  Flame Resistance: Passes (DOC FF-1-70)
  Radiant Panel: Class 1 (ASTM E-648)
  US Federal Flammability Std: Passed (CPSC FF1-70), (16 CFR 1630), (ASTM-D-2859)
  Smoke Density: Less Than 450 (ASTM E-662)
Colourfastness to light: 5 (AATCC-16E)



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