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Royal Wilton

The Royal Wilton collection offers 34 beautiful selection of patterns in cheerful and vivid color combinations suitable for Public Areas, Corridors, Guest Room, Restaurant, Casino, VIP Lounge, Staircase etc.


Royal Wilton carpet is made with a traditionally wilton woven construction allowing a varied choice of colors, Designs and fibres to create a hard wearing and luxurious carpet for hospitality and medium contract installation. 


Royal Wilton carpets use 100% Heatset Olefin to produce a Dense Weave carpet that wears well and retains its appearance for years.



394 F1101
Golden Earth
396 F1004
Glamour Red
396 F1085
Oasis Tan
564 F1085
Nature Brown
643 F1101
Siren Lux
649 F1029
Dazzle Oak
650 F1101
Nugget Beige
651 F1026
Linear Vibes
652 F1029
Lion Barn
653 F1026
Pecan Brown
654 F1026
Contour Brown
655 F1006
Oyster Lace
674A F1006
Crown Gold
674B F1004
Lathania Red
675A F1004
Radisson Beige
678 F1004
Classical Red
680A F1026
Fendi Brown
680A F1029
Flexi Beige
682C F1085
Forest Beige
688B F1004
Versace Red
689 F1004
Fairmont Red
715 F1039
Scarlet Red
767 F1004
Lunar Red
767 F1160
Lunar Blue
770 F1006
Oberon Red
770 F1039
Oberon Blue
771 F1023
Belfort Blue
771 F1026
Belfort Brown
772 F1004
Autumn Brown
772 F1085
Autumn Beige
782 F1722
Midnight Blue
783 F1160
Indigo Blue
784 F1799
Pacific Blue
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