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1.22m(4') x 100 PCS = 400' PER BOX

Our Heritage Gripper is made from high grade resin bonded plywood, five ply (6mm) thickness, machined on one edge to a defined angle and penetrated on the underside by two rows of pins.

Carpet Accessories/Grippers/2
  • Pins are set at an angle of 60° to eliminate oull out and bending, even when power stretching.
  • Designed for ease of installation on concrete floors.
  • Pre-nailed with masonry nails. 20mm (3/4") long for a firm fixing.
Carpet AccessoriesUnitCompositionOrigin
Gripper - Heritage (4-feet)Per Box1.22M (4') x 100 PCS = 400' Per BoxCHN
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