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Sisal Weave

We have developed this collection to look identical to flatwoven carpets in natural fibers and yarns such as sisal or seagrass. The irregularities in the yarn and the overall rustic appearance contribute to achieving this trendy natural look.

SISAL WEAVE, in contrast to flat woven carpets in natural fibers, is produced with the Stainsafe solution dyed polypropylene yarns which makes it very easy to clean and even bleach cleanable! SISAL WEAVE is the unique combination of a natural sisal look and practicality.

The weft and warp that makes SISAL WEAVE are made from waterproof polypropylene yarns with an enhanced UV protection. This makes the carpet Weathersafe and therefore suitable for use also outside the house.

SISAL WEAVE is produced with hard wearing cabled yarns. This carpet will perform extremely well even in high traffic areas in the house.

For SISAL WEAVE the recommended installation method is direct glue-down. Making seams in SISAL WEAVE, as with any sisal flat woven carpet, needs special attention. We recommend using a professional carpet fitter for the installation. We do not recommend installing seams end to end.

Manufactured in Belgium


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